What Dreams can offer?

All people dream similarly. By that I mean we dream every night, whether the dreams are remembered or not. But sometimes dreams, and the messages they deliver, come in fragments and it may take time to put it all together. As for remembering your nightly dreams, it can be as simple as asking your mind to do so. You can set your mind to remember your dreams. It’s not difficult. The truth is that your subconscious wants to deliver. It wants to get the message out. Just tell yourself you are going to remember your dreams when you awake. Program it to your alarm clock if you wish. However, to get the most out of what your dreams can offer, you need to catch them.

Writing them down is the key. Otherwise they, and their message, go back where they came from. Keeping a journal of your nightly dreams is the best way to start. Dreams are a beautiful tool for moving us to self-realization, if we will only pick up the tool and use it. Dreams are keys to happiness you don’t want to loose. When you get right down to it, happiness is a sense of fulfillment. The subconscious mind does a great job of sorting out those things that are most essential in our lives.

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